What is Biko.ng?

Biko.ng is a website where business owners can create and manage their online store without writing any code. Every online store is customizable to the business owner’s taste. Each online store is built with the ability to scale thereby offering limitless possibilities. Your store would be hosted in the cloud and every user can access and manage their online store from anywhere and anytime. As a business owner, you can upload a collection of products with their descriptions, prices, images, etc. The products uploaded can be bought by customers directly from their online store and the money would be sent to the bank account of the store owner.

Our Vision Statement

We have a vision of building the largest collection of viable and successful online stores all over Africa within the next 10 years with a minimum of 500,000 online stores registered and functional on our platform.

We also have a vision of reviving over 10,000 poorly doing small and medium scale businesses all over Africa within the next 5 years.

Our Mision Statement

Give businesses all over Africa the needed online tools to grow their businesses and connect to a larger and fast-growing market.

Our Amazing team

At Biko.ng your business growth is our greatest concern. We are a team of really hard working individuals that has made it our sole mission and responsibility to build the needed tools for your business to grow and scale online. We are with you all through the process.

Biko.ng is the best way to grow and scale your business to the online market.

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